What Is White Label SEO?

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What Is White Label SEO?

SEO is made up of good and bad strategies, and each individual may use the option they consider best for their website, but at their own risk. The safest and best long-term solution for your website is to work within the parameters of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. And to achieve this, you can make use of the options offered by White Hat SEO.

The world of SEO is handled through White Label SEO, which is also known as White Hat SEO. It is made up of the actions that are carried out in a legitimate way to have a good positioning on the web. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO, which is the opposite of the White Hat, employs strategies made up of actions that violate Google’s regulations.

For a better understanding of both strategies, we will talk about the philosophy of SEO. Although in the theoretical and practical part White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are opposite elements, this does not mean that they are incompatible. Some prefer to use the term Gray Hat, as they employ techniques from both sides. Today we will only delve into the White Hat strategies.

Features that cannot be missing to implement White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is only made up of those legitimate tools, necessary for Google’s positioning. Therefore, most of these tools are designed to create a better user experience. White Hat SEO, unlike Black Hat SEO, must meet search engine regulations for websites to stand out.

Likewise, it is important to make it clear that not all techniques work 100% in all cases since their effectiveness depends on the following characteristics:

  • The market niche
  • The objectives
  • The competition
  • The strategy that is implemented

Therefore, when talking about Digital Marketing, these tactics cannot be absent, since they are the ones that work most efficiently.

Tools for white-label SEO:

This requires a lot of work and above all constant monitoring in order to be aware of the latest indicators on Google, in particular with the Google Analytics tool. Today, SEO is a constantly evolving industry and you must be able to constantly innovate in order to continue to provide your users with quality services. Therefore, it may be wise to opt for outsourcing of your SEO project in order to focus on other requests from your partners, in particular the production of quality content and the improvement of the functionalities of each page of the site, the acquisition of links, etc.

In addition, this form of subcontracting gives you more time to offer tailor-made solutions to your customers’ specific problems: the protection of their data, the management of their site or their presence on an essential social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. It is an effective strategy that does not detract from the know-how that distinguishes your agency. In addition, it allows you to apply variable rates depending on each project. What clearly sets you apart from your competition?

How does white label SEO work?

It’s simple To understand the keys to white label SEO! It is about offering SEO services from a specialized third-party agency to your clients, in a completely transparent and legal manner. This can be considered the advanced level of outsourcing since some of these companies directly integrate your logo into their various reports and deliverables. Companies who focus on SEO offer better support, unambiguous communication and tailor-made strategies to serve your clients.

These are generally the most important, as they take into account the latest technologies, the latest indicators as well as cutting-edge software and analysis and audit tools. However, throughout this process, you maintain complete control over your relationship with your client. You will therefore be able to bill it for other services in relation to your area of ​​exclusive competence (logo creation, web management or maintenance or pages on social networks, advertising, etc.). Also, it is you who decide the profit margin despite the prices offered by the company which intervenes externally. This will allow you to clearly get ahead of your competition.

You also decide how to operate with certain companies to outsource your search engine marketing strategy. You can give them full autonomy to work on your behalf and provide you with regular project reports. In this case, you will need to be sure of their expertise, especially by checking with companies with which they have already worked on other projects. You could just as easily have them work under the supervision of a chef who is a member of your team.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

In SEO, two schools clash, the White Hats which follow Google’s recommendations and favor specific optimization techniques; and the Black Hats, the SEO rebels who break Google’s rules. The question is, therefore: what to privilege? In terms of natural referencing, no one has the truth, not even the main players who sit at Google! But one thing is certain, algorithms are evolving at breakneck speed and while it is sometimes possible to anticipate future changes, Google has also already shown that it is able to type where you do not expect it.

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Source: Semrush

In conclusion, we can take the quote from Matt Cutts, who says that “the goal is not to make your links look natural; the goal is for your links to be natural”.

Black Hat SEO is a practice frowned upon by Google and other search engines and above all not very fair! Nevertheless, it is still used today because it would improve the ranking of pages in the SERP (search results) by downgrading the sites of its competitors. However, it is essential to realize that the implementation of Black Hat SEO tactics and strategies can have significant consequences, for its competitors but also for its own site.

Source: neilpatel.com/

We are convinced that what Google cannot detect today, will know how to do it tomorrow. We also see it in a whole new light. Google is not our enemy, its ultimate goal (in natural referencing) is to offer the most relevant content possible. As Internet users, we should be grateful for all the work of Google engineers who have allowed us to access an inexhaustible source of information, on quality sites.

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